Reshaper 4.5 and Dataphor codebase

I loved using the first versions of reshaper with VS.NET 2003 and 2005, and therefore I decided a few months ago to buy a license for Reshaper 4.5.1288.2
to use it for some .net related projects I am working for.

One of the things I do in .NET is to contribute at this opensource project : Dataphor. It is writen in C#, so I
expected Reshaper  to be  of great help...

But it is with great sadness that I have to report that Reshaper 4.5 can not deal with Dataphor code base...
It just gets confused... I get lots of false errors...
It seems that if a complex code base has lots of "similarly" named things... like for example a namespace X in one subproject,
a class X in another suproject, and a property X in some classes in some other subprojects... Reshaper just gets lost...

For example at the file (The login for anonymous svn access is: User: anonymous, Password: blank)
Reshaper is unable to resolve Schema.DeviceSessions symbol.

I guess the problem I am seeing is related to this one. I am not sure it is the exact  same thing, but I am seeing it so often that it is no longer
just annoying, it is really hurting the ability of Reshaper to be useful at all .

Please fix this!

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Thanks for the feedback. We have reproduced these bugs and unfortunatly they

will be fixed in the next major release of R#. Because of we don't support such construct with comments and preprocessor directives

namespace N


    public class A {}








    public class B {}


Kirill Falk

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"


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