Setting a refactoring to be always in the context menu


I'd like to be able to select a refactoring to be always available from the context menu, so that whenever I pull down the pencil (in 5), it would be there. Of course, it may not be enabled, given the context.

The particular refactoring I'm looking for is to Rename - something that I seem to be doing a lot, recently. Finding good names can sometimes be hard, and its a simple thing, that I don't want to have to go hunting through multiple menus to find. There may be others as well (such as "surround with {}") that might be handy to have pinned to the context menu.

Does ReSharper support this, or is it an idea for future enhancement?


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Hello Phil
     You can always use a shortcut (Ctrl+R,R in Visual Studio scheme or F2 in IntelliJ IDEA scheme) to rename a symbol. Thank you!

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