Code editor context menu "Refactor" has no accelerator and strange underscores in commands


I work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 RC. After installing ReSharper 5.0.1630.23, the code editor context menu "Refactor" lost its accelerator key (&Refactor). I ts quite pain - I usually hit the Menu key on the keyboard, then "R" and I am in the menu I can choose from. Manual customization of the context menu did not work. (It seems that Resharper modifes the context menu dynamically.)

Additionally, some of the commands in the context menu has strange underscores in their names. I have attached a screenshot how it looks like.

I would like to have some accelerator key for the menu "Refactor". The underscores do not disturb me but you may want to get rid of them. Feel free to contact me if you need more information. Thank you.

   --- Ferda

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ReSharper provides the CtrlShiftR keyboard shortcut to bring up the refactorings
list. Maybe this will replace the context menu for a while.

The underscores are the VS10-specific reaction to our attempt to set menu
item accelerators. We have not investigated into this yet.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
“Develop with pleasure!”

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Hello Serge,

Yes, that's it! And it is even faster. I didn't feel like learning those many new shortcuts; but this one does it and I'm still fast enough at the operaton I want. I should've looked for the keyboard shortcuts myself - it's even he first menu item in the submenu "Refactor", sorry...

Thank you very much! Can't wait for the 5.0 release :-)

   --- Ferda


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