[Feature Request] Console R# for reformatting code and adding/removing comments


I encountered with the need for removing comments from all my sources. And I started looking for such a tool. I've found this one:
I haven't tried it yet actually. But when I looked at its featues an idea rised in my mind:  it'd be cool to have that all in R#!

ReSharper can't reformat code very inteligently. R# get code's AST so it can't remove all comments (rightly, not just with help of some not fully correct regex). And auto-generate some kind of comments.

It'd be nice to have some kind of console tool (and msbuild target) to feed a whole solution to it.
It could:
- reformat code (indents, brakets, line breaks, etc).
- normalize files encoding (make all utf8 for an example)
- add/remove comments

What do you think?

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