highlight line not working properly

Hello guys.

I've set the highlihgt option and I've changed the default colors. I've noticed that when VS looses focus and gains it again (for instance, when I change from VS to another window and back again) the line is selected, tabs and enters are correctly processed but none of the other keys is. In other words, suppose I've got this:

var t = | //<- | is the cursor.

and then I use alt+tab to change to another window and then back again to VS (by doing alt+tab again). I can hit enter and there's a new line. If I try pressing any other key nothing happens. In order to write again, I need to use the mouse and click on that line.

Is this a bug?

Permanently deleted user


This is a bug, but it does not seem to be related to Highlight Current Line.

What's the Visual Studio version?

Could you try experimenting with VS windows open, like tool windows or anyting
else docked aside or opened floating? This looks much like some of the window
stealing the keyboard focus.

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Hello Serge.

I'm using VS 2010 Ultimate on Windows Server 2008. I've tried closing all the other windows I had opened (Solution, tollbox, output) but the problem remains. The only way it works is when the coding window is detached (ie, floating). In that case, the cursor is there and keys are correctly processed.

Should I try anything else?


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