Using Resharper on a virtual PC

I'm using lot's of virtual PCs  (e.g. for maintenance of older versions of projects). When I tried to  install Resharper on a Virtual PC (guest: Windows XP, host: Windows 7), I  get the following error: "The Windows Installer does not permit  installation from a Remote Desktop Connection."

Is this an unsupported  scenario or is there a way to install Resharper on a virtual PC?

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Are you using just a VirtualPC running locally, or is it really an RDP connection
to some remote virtual machine?

I haven't heard of any RDP problems before. R# install would usually run
normally when on a terminal connection.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
“Develop with pleasure!”

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Copy the Installer to a local harddrive of you virtual pc, e.g. c:\ and run if from there.
We had similar problems with msi installers and this helped.

Best regards.

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Thanks for your answers. Copying the installer to the local disk solved the problem (previously I started it from the host's drived, mapped with the Virtual PC Integration Features).


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