ReSharper 5 - ASP.NET MasterType

I've been experiencing problems with ReSharper lately in regards to ASP.NET development with master pages.  When a ContentPage is assigned a MasterPageFile, and defines a <%@ MasterType VirtualPath %>, ReSharper completely stops functioning properly.  Intellisense on the code-behind is broken.  More-over, the frontend aspx can't seem to "find" the Inherits="" class.

ReSharper keeps suggesting the proper code-behind class, even though it's already set.


As soon as I remove the MasterType declaration, everything works nicely again.



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I too have the same issue.  I just recently upgraded for 4.5 to 5.  I am using Visual Studio 2008.  I did not have this issue with 4.5 -- in fact I am working on the same exact project using ReSharper 5 that I was with 4.5.  Please fix - this issue is quite annoying!


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