"Analysis is switched off" box should not display for code files not part of solution

Using R#5 release version.
I came across an issue which took me a lot of time to figure out while the culprit was very simple. I was debugging a solution and single stepping into different files and suddenly my keyboard mappings for 'find usage" and 'go to declaration" suddenly stopped working. I couldn't figure out what what happened so I restart VS. Didn't help. Did a R# repair, didn't help. And then a full uninstall and reinstall of R# and still some R# options weren't active. All that time my code analysis option was truned off and so I was seeing the grey box in the color bar. BUT THE PROBLEM is that is still shows up for a file not part of the solution. I am so used to not seeing the color bars when analysis is turned ON and file is not part of solution, that seeing the grey box when analsys is OFF and file is not part of solution never gave me the hint that that was the case!

SO.. the grey box when analysis is off should NOT display when code file is not part of solution. It's not consistent with when the grey box is displayed and code analysis is ON.

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