font size rendering issue in resharper tooltips and windows

I've been a fan of the Dina programming font for a while now. For those who are unfamiliar, it evolved from Proggy which was modified by a fellow named Jørgen Ibsen to better fit his image of what a programming font needs and released as Dina. Unfortunately, he released it as a .fon file. WPF apparently doesn't render those files anymore (only TrueType and OpenType), and 2010 is using the WPF renderer. So, people suffered under the yoke of Consolas, fuzzy as it was, until two people created TTF versions of Dina. My preference of those two, based on quality of conversion, is this one:

So, history complete, here's the issue. The TTF version of Dina that Chris Rickard produced contains only the original 3 point sizes (8, 9, and 10); this is proper as the font was originally a bitmap font and only supported certain sizes. Trying to stretch it would just result in distortion. There also seem to be some issues with rendering the TTF version in things that are not visual studio, for some reason. So, that said, I'm not surprised at these two things:

Tooltips like the show code at matching brace one.

Dialogs like the rename one.

It seems to me that resharper is trying to use the text editor general font and size settings for the tooltip and for the dialogs. Dina TTF isn't rendering properly there. Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing that would allow me to manually specify another font for those? I've looked around both in the options of both VS and resharper and here on the forums and I haven't found anything. I expect that if there were a setting for that, I would be able to use the .fon version as long as you guys aren't rendering this stuff in WPF. However, if there was to be any possibility of that working, the setting would have to be within the resharper settings since you can't even pick .fon files through the VS options anymore.

One last thing: the font for the tooltip and the dialogs does not follow the setting in the VS options until VS is restarted. Then it changes.

Thanks for reading this and hopefully someone can help.


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One addendum as apparently I can't edit my posts here (?). Suspending and resuming resharper does get it to update its font settings.     

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I'm not sure what happened with those imageshack links and I can't edit my post as far as I can see, so I've attached them here.

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Hello Chris,

I've created a bug-report in our tracker:
and we'll see what we can do. Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky
Support Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

I'm not sure what happened with those imageshack links and I can't
edit my post as far as I can see, so I've attached them here.

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Thanks, Andrey. The text of the ticket isn't quite everything in the OP, but I suppose it's here for reference and it was quite a lot anyway :).


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