Change string resource

Hi all,

I have waited long for better support of creating string resources - and ReSharper 5.0 delivered it. Thank you.

But now I wan't to change the content of a string resource within my C# code file. Is there is a fast way to change a string resource ?
My current way is:
1. Copy "MyStringResource" part of my string resource "Resource.MyStringResource" in my C# code file.
2. Double click "Resources.resx" to open string resources table.
3. Press Ctrl+F and paste my copied resource name ("MyStringResource") into opened "Find and replace" dialog. Press ENTER.
4. -> Needed row is found.
5. Now I can change my string resource.

Is there a faster change possible with ReSharper 5.1.2 ?


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Try Resharper -> Edit -> Resource Value...

What is left is some shortcut but you can set one by yourself :)

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Great. I will use Ctrl+E, Ctrl+R as shortcut for EditResource.

Thank you!


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