Nunit test runner fails trying to load an assembly from AppData

I am on 5.1.1760.3.  I am using a project with NUnit 2.5.8.  I have configured the NUnit test runner to use the default installation path.  I tried this with shadow copying both on and off with the same results.  The dll does load and test fine from the NUnit GUI.  However, when I try to run the tests via resharper I get the following dialog:

Unit Test Runner failed to load test assembly
JetBrains.Resharper.TaskRunnerFramework.TaskException: Could not
load file or assembly
file:///c:\users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\ppyijgad.utc or one of its dependencies.  
The system cannot find the file specified.

The last part of the file path in AppData is different any time.  This is an empty project with just one sample test.  

Any idea what is causing this and how I can solve it?


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