Resharper and NUnit count up different number of tests

Hi all,

I've got resharper 5.1 and NUnit 2.5.3.

We've got a decent number of unit and integration tests.

However if we run them all from Resharper (right click solution and "Run Unit Test" ) I get 3666 + 34 ignored

If I run it form NUnit pointing atthe two DLL's that have the unit test I get 3807 + 31 ignored

Has anyone else had thsi happen?

Its not a big deal as our CI box uses Nunit so gets all of them, but its just somethign I'd like to know why

cheers in advance

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Resharper counts the paramterized tests as one and NUnit will count them as individual tests.

In resharper 6 this is better allthough not perfect yet.

Vote this up if you want it completely fixed so that it shows correct numbers in R# 6

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