Issue resolution improvements

I (and now my company) have been loyal ReSharper users since the v.3 days, and it's a great product - hence we're already processing a licence upgrade request to v.6.

One feature that's always been absend (at least we've never found it) has been the ability to resolve a group of identical issues automatically in the same way.

Now that R#6 adds Find all "xxxxx" issues... to the Alt-Enter menu, there's even more reason why this would be an awesome addition.

For example I recently had the new "Base declaration has the same annotation" issue in a massive project (literally a 1000+ examples!)   Now in every case I know that removing the (in this case [NotNull]) attribute is the solution I want.

I appreciate that in many cases you may not recommend doing a bulk fix - it could be dangerous, but there are plenty of cases when the suggested solution is perfectly safe, and sometimes it's nice if you would trust us to exercise the relevant caution (heck you can even give a warning dialog for all I care).

There are a number of potential (and probably trivial) enhancements that would make this scenario at lost less painful (trust me I come across this every few weeks when I quality assure other devs work).

1) Add a 'Resolve all issues of this type' link to the Alt-Enter menu.  This could pop up a sub menu with potential solutions (basically the same suggestions in the root menu) when selected it could pop up a warning dialog saying how many examples exist - giving the option to leave files open to allow Undo, etc - all like the existing large refactor dialogs.
2) Add the Alt-Enter menu to the Inspection results tool window items - this alone would speed up the above scenario as you could click on the issues and right click in the same window - instead having to click in the source code or swap to keyboard and press Alt-Enter.  If you also had item 1 implemented then it would allow quick resolution from the Alt-Enter menu.  There are a number of ways you could do this, my favourite is to extend the current right click menu in the inspection results, to include issue solutions and item 1 above - what would be great is if you have a set of issues selected clicking the solution will apply it to all selected issues.

I believe these enhancements would add a huge amount of value to what is already a great product.


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