Code Cleanup on CSHTML using LOTS of memory

I started a code cleanup on a CSHTML file and I've watch the memory footprint of Visual Studio continue to climb without any change to the formatting progress bar.

I start at around 600 megs and it's currently up to 2 gigs with just a few minutes and climbing fast. Visual Studio is using ~15% CPU during the cleanup.

Is this expected behaviour. I don't think it's going to completed. I cancelled the last one and it reset some my Visual Studio settings (windows placements and such) because Visual Studio crashed.

I'm going to disable my other extensions and see if it still happens but I don't have time for this today. ReSharper 6 is driving my crazy. Too many bug to consider this a release. I'm very disappointed.

*edit: As a side note, cancelling the cleanup didn't work. I've got a meeting so I'm going to let it run through the meeting. I'll update you if the cancel eventually happens.

*edit: OK, the cancel eventually work but left Visual Studios with a memory footprint of 2.3 gb. Could this be a loop - memory leak in the cleanup routine?

Any ideas?

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Hi Bobby! Can you send us a file that you are trying to clean up?


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