Debugging .NET framework source

I realize that you might consider this question misdirected, but still I hope that I might find an expert here and since this is “Community” section here I go.

I can’t get to debug .NET framework sources in VS2010, even though I went through all standard steps suggested:

  • "Enable Just My Code" unchecked;
  • "Enable .NET Framework source stepping" checked;
  • "Enable source server support" checked;
  • "Require source files to exactly match the original version” unchecked;
  • and "Microsoft Symbol Servers" is checked in "Symbol" page with cache having been cleared/reloaded multiple times.

Some posts on Microsoft’s forum explain this by mismatch of sources after a security patch/service pack ( In any case, ReSharper still somehow manages to properly download and navigate to the sources when its "Use debug information for navigation" and "Allow downloading from remote locations" is checked. So I’m wondering if there's anyone who got debugging working.

Inb4 R# can create its own PDBs for debugging… :D

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