Feature Request: Insert Image

It would sometimes be extremely useful for documentation purposes if I could insert images as comments right into the source code. You know, "a picture says more than 1000 words".
MS provides a sample implementation here: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/793d16d0-235a-439a-91df-4ce7c721df12/

But this tool has a lot of bugs and is not fit for production environment.

It would be great if R# would support this feature as well, and of course without bugs. Perhaps you could consider this for a future version?



Personally, I don't think this feature is even remotely related to what R# is designed for. I'd prefer the JetBrains team to concentrate on making R# work well at what it's designed for than have them distracted by unrelated fluff.


I think R# is designed to help developers write better code, this includes better documentation. Being able to insert images is IMO *very* related to this task.


For me Image Comments is an essential feature for better code. It is even a reason worth considering DevExpress CodeRush.

I think nobody should have to use image comments but for displaying formula or gui mockups, it would save a lot of time.


I need this. This is applying the concept of clean code to documentation 


Mtothexmax, thanks for the update. Do you have a chance to submit a new feature request? On the tracker, others can see your request and add their vote if they find such a tool would be useful. It helps our team to better understand which features/tools our users are eager for. I believe this can help give the best visibility for your request. Thank you!


This woud be really helpful. I didnt even know VS supports that, awesome.


I bothered to login and give this feedback just for the upvote. Preeettyyy ppllleeeasseee


Hello everyone, thank you for your comments. I found a similar feature request in our issue tracker: Being able to display / paste images in code. We would appreciate it if you upvote the request to demonstrate additional interest for this feature. Thank you!



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