Rename control from aspx generates conflict

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or this is a bug in ReSharper 6.0.

I have an aspx page with a TextBox control and a RequiredFieldValidator for the TextBox control. The RequiredFieldValidator is placed in front of the TextBox.

Now, I try to rename the TextBox control. To do this, I go into Source view, place my cursor in the ID property of the TextBox control and press Ctrl-R, R to start a rename refactoring. This leads to a window showing Conflicts were found, the conflict being "Usage "TextBox1" can not be updated correctly".
However, if I press Next, the refactoring seems to be completed just fine.

If I place the RequiredFieldValidator somewhere after the TextBox, the Rename refactoring works like it should, wihtout any conflict warnings.

So, am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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