resharper file being added to project every time solution is opened

Hi there,
My resharper recently developed this issue where every time I open a particular solution it creates a file called "Web..Resharper" in the "Web" ASP.NET Web Forms project. The file's only content is as follows:


It will only create the file if it does not exist already and I have absolutely no idea why it started doing this. Any idea as to how I can stop it for being created?

Resharper version is 5.1.1766, running on VS 2010 and Windows 7 64bit.


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You probably changed the project properties to set the Localizable property to "No". Since web-site projects don't have a project file, R# stores its settings in this "ProjectName..ReSharper" file. (In R#6, it's changed to "ProjectName.ReSharper" instead.)

You could try closing the project, deleting the file, and then re-opening the project, but that would set the localizable property back to its default value.

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Yep, that did it. Just set "localizable" back to "Default" in the web projects properties. No idea how it got set to begin with.


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