Resharper 6 and classic asp files problem

Today I upgrated to Resharper 6.0 and founded some issues with classic asp files.
It is only occurred on spaghetti-code files when server-side logic mixed with html.

At the top of such files I see a batch of errors "body expected", because this file will be included into another.

This is a valid code and there are no errors.

Also at such files Resharper do mistakes with matching closing tags:
It says "Unmatched closing tag", but code is valid.

At early versions of Resharper classic asp files was not analyzed.

So my question is: where I can set option to not analyze this files in Resharper 6?

I found some setting at Resharper -> Options -> Settings -> Edit Items to Skip...
But this dialog asks me to choose single file or folder.
In my project I have a lot of files and folders with mixed content ( and classic asp).
So It is not a simple solution.

Can I somewhere set a mask of files to skip validation? Like *.asp ?
I want similar behaviour like previous versions of Resharper for this files.



OK, I created an issue in bug-tracker:

And this issue is marked as Critical and should be fixed in next version of Resharper.

Let's wait for it.


Well, this issue is fixed in version 6.1.
Now R# doesn't analyze *.asp files as well as we have new setting "Add mask file" at Resharper -> Options -> Settings -> Edit Items to Skip dialog.


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