<note> XML comment flagged

I have C# code that uses the <note> XML comment which is recognized by NDoc and SandCastle.

The problem is that R# flags this twice.  Once for <note> and once for </note>.

I know about Tools/To-do Items and see that I can delete flagging of Note but I do not want to do that.

Has anyone figure out what the regular expression should be?

By default, I think that R# should ignore these.

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It should be as simple as this regex is note:\s+.+ or you want any variation of note to show up in the To-do explorer ?

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I'd like for R# to continue to do everything it does out of the box, except that it should ignore XML comments which use the note element.

This is existing regular expression for Note:


Here is the syntax for <note> in NDoc (Sandcastle is the same):


Here is an example (notice how R# flags this in the text by changing the color to blue):

/// <note type="caution">

/// Both <seealso cref="BaseUri"/> and <seealso cref="WebRequestTemplate"/>

/// must be set prior to calling any document management functions.

/// </note>

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One thing you can do is to make it case-sensitive, alternatively you can use this regex ^NOTE.+$


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