Desired Cleanup Tool Features

So far I don't see that I can perform the following cleanups in the cleanup tool which would be a nice edition:

  • Remove uncessary {} for if statements, etc.
  • Remove unecessary else{} statements and let the method flow just hit whatever code is at the end naturally
  • Believe it or not, I am refactoring this software I just bought and they've used caps in their method param names so it would be nice if I could rename and make the first letter lower case to fix it across the board in those instances
  • Believe it or not, same as before, they've made local method variable names start with caps.  Want to go through all method variables and change it to start with a lower case
  • Remove all comments across the board or in a specific class only

It would be cool to have some kind of context menu in VS where you could select a single very specific cleanup type.  So for instance lets say I'm in a class, I bring up this nice context menu:

"Check the following to clean for this class"

  • Remove unecessary {}
  • Remove unecessary else {}
  • Remove unecessary this keyword
  • Remove usings
  • Remove line returns in methods (keep on same line)
  • Preface private class fields with _
  • etc.

Maybe I just don't see this in the tool but I feel the cleanup tool is not granular enough for my liking.

so you could check which ones you wanted...or check all or whatever.  So the scope of the cleanup would be per class if you wanted and you could scope the cleanup based on the ones you selected in the context menu.  Then you could save that more specific cleanup template for use in other classes or across the board.

I feel like the cleanup tool right now isn't as granular as it should or can be.  I'd like to see a sublevel below each cleanup category that lets us check off very specific things at a lower level.

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