How do you share a project when only 1 person has ReShaper

A friend and I are working on a VS 2010 solution together.  He makes changes emails it to me, and vice versa.  I have ReSharper and he doesnt.  I've noticed that a new folder got added with _ReSharper got added to the root folder.  When he compiles with this new folder, he gets a whole slew of ReSharper warnings but otherwise its ok.  Since he doesnt have ReSharper, can he just remove that folder from the root directory?


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Hello Jason
     This folder contains ReSharper caches, so your friend can safely remove that folder. Moreover, you can configure ReSharper to store caches under TEMP folder using the corresponding option under ReSharper | Options | Environment | General. Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

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