Need guidance with plug-in development

Hi everyone,

I need a little guidance with the plug-in I would like to write.

The Scenario:
We have customized a .NET 4.0 project file to include the RIA.targets MSBuild target file.  This is not normally done because that targets file is used by Silverlight 4 projects and not .NET 4.0 projects.  We are doing this to support unit testing in the .NET 4.0 project.  Because it is not normally done, ReSharper doesn't know to analyze the files in the "Generated_Code" folder that this targets file creates (although ReSharper knows to do it in a Silverlight 4 project).  Because ReSharper doesn't see those files, ReSharper reports tons of compile errors whereas when VS.NET builds the project, everything is fine.  I would like to create a plug-in that analyzes those files so that they are not reported as errors.

What I am trying to acomplish:
How would I write a plug-in that

  • determines that this is a .NET 4.0 project and the project file includes the RIA.targets file.
  • locates the files in the Generated_Code folder
  • tells ReSharper to include those files in analysis

A high level outline would help out a ton.  Thanks.

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