A code formatting question

During a code review, a guy on my team commented about some formatting in my code that was done when I auto-formatted with R#.

Apparently, R# tries to keep code lines down to a reasonable width (which I actually like, a lot), and sometimes goes to the extent where it will split method chains across lines at the "." between methods.  Apparently, this is foreign to the other developers who do not use R#.

Is there any way to configure R# as to what the appropriate row width to auto-split code rows at?  Is there a way to disallow breaking code line between methods?  (That seems to be unpopular with the non R# guys.)

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You can control the line wrapping in Options -> Code Editing -> C# -> Formatting Style -> Line Breaks and Wrapping -> Line Wrapping -> Wrap Long Lines.  The next option will allow you to specify the column on which to wrap.


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