ResharperSDK: New XML language

Hi everyone

We have a big proprietary web application framework that is based on xml. Conceptually it really reminds WPF(xml views with cs code behind classes) but for the Web. We've decided to build a developer productivity tool for that framework and evaluating the possible solution.

The team is actively using ReSharper on daily basic and it would be really nice if have a similar tool for our framework as well. That's where we've started to look at Resharper SDK and possibility to extend it to support our framework. Another solution is to use plain Visual Studio 2010 extensions and implement a tool using that.

For the start the basic requirements are:
1) Intellisense
2) Xml files validation when editing.
We want to introduce more when the tool progresses.

We have several question on what the SDK really provides us to determine the best way to approach the tool implementation.

1) The SDK contains the XML language already how many of that we can reuse to build our own language?
2) If we implement a language what other feature of the Reshaper we can get(or how to get them?)? Something like "Find Usages", "Go to Inheritor", the cache system (because we need to implement some files proccesing like Reshaper does once the solution is opened and cache the result).
3) The SDK documentation contains basic steps that needs to be taken when implementing a new language from scratch. Is there any guidance for implementing a language based on xml cause we definatelly don't need to implement a lexer in that case. Cause it looks like you've already implemented several xml languages(XAML, MSBuild, ResX) so I wonder if there is some more information on that?
4) Do you know any open source implementations of xml-languages for Resharper?

I'd really appreciate any help


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