Resharper 6.1: Reference suggestions not always working

Hi everyone,

I got a strange problem regarding reference suggestions from Resharper. For example, when I type:


in C#, Resharper suggests the option "Reference 'System.xml' and use 'System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer'". Just fine.

But when I try to do the same for the "Color" class (which is contained in System.Drawing) I do not get that suggestion; it just proposes other options like creating the class or something else.

When I try this Color class on another computer, it does suggest to reference System.Drawing. I've searched for this problem but no-one seems to have the same issues. Do I have to index all the default system assemblies in resharper first? If so, how?

Any suggestion is welcome.


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Update: I found out how to get it working, but I'm not sure if this was Jetbrain's intention. You can reproduce the problem the following way:

1. Create a new blank solution
2. Add a Console Application
3. Try to reference the Color or HttpContext class in your Program.cs using resharper - that choice won't be in the action list
4. Add a Class Library to your solution
5. Repeat step 3 - now that option is available!
6. Undo step 4 - remove the class library
7. Again, you will not succeed to in step 3

Bug or feature? Anyone?

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Is it the target profile? Console applications tend to default to the client profile, which doesn't include System.Web, so I wouldn't expect to see an action to reference it.

Having said that, System.Drawing is part of the client profile.

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Profile is set to .NET 4.0, not the client profile...a lot of classes can't be automatically referenced until I add a Class Project. Of course, referencing them manual is no problem at all.


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