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Hi all,

There is a particular dropdown in resharper that I have often used for renaming identifiers - I believe it does other things as well depending on context.  After I change the name of a variable or something, a small underline appears that expands to a drop down on hover:


I think I recall at one time using a hotkey combination to expand this but I can't remember what it was, and I don't know what the feature is called, so I could find it, or configure it.  Does anyone know what this is called?  Or the default key combination?



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It appears that my screenshots were not included.  At any rate, when you change the name of an identifier, there is a red under-cursor that appears under the last character of the new name.  If you hover over it with the mouse cursor, it turns into a drop-down control - much like the one you'd see with Paste Special options after pasting into an MS Office document.  Drop it down, and you have the "Rename x to y" refactor command, and a "Rename with preview..." command.

Ring any bells?


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Hello Jason
     Do you mean something like this (see attachment)?

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That's the one, yes!  (should have included my original screen shots as attachments I see)


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