Export Inspection Results

The Export feature in the Inspection Results dialog never completes when the number of issues is large.

I want to export as XML to get all informations about the issues. Clicking on Export/XML freezes Visual Studio for a minute or so, then returns to normal, without bringing up the Save File dialog. I suspect there's a memory issue behind this.

Export as plain text or HTML seem to be able to handle any number of issues, but is of very limited usefulness as it doesn't include the line numbers.

This is a fairly large code base, trying to export "only" 2000 issues fails.

Would it be possible to change the export function to:
- Ask for the filename first
- Then write directly to the file instead of generating XML in memory

I understand the usefulness of the "Copy to clipboard" feature, but it's useless if the export data can't be generated at all...

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Hello Nicolas
     Which version of ReSharper are you using? Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

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I noticed later that inspection results are exported even if hidden from the inspection result window. I'm using ReSharper on a quite large VB.Net codebase I inherited, and there were over 300k results, 98% of them being "redundant qualifiers" (overuse of "Me.").

So even if I was displaying 8000 results, it was trying to export 300k. Later I disabled the "redundant qualifier" test entirely and regenerated the inspection results, and Export completed successfully.

I can understand memory problems while trying to generate inline XML for 300k results, but this could be avoided by generating XML directly to file. You could keep the actual process, but switch to direct file generation when there is, say, over 5k results to export.

I also noted the Code Cleanup utility does not remove the redundant "Me." qualifiers in VB.Net, while the Find Code Issues report them.


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