run tests with Microsoft.Moles instrumentation using the ReSharper tesrunner

I am working with a legacy code base and I am using Microsoft.Moles to get test doubles for non-abstract/non-interface types.  I am using NUnit as the testframework. When I use the console runner everthing works fine, because as the docs say, I can start the runner this way:

moles.runner.exe /r:nunit-console.exe /args="/domain=None" ..

This is needed because Microsoft.Moles uses instrumentation to replace the real types with the fake ones.

However when I run the NUnit tests using the ReSharper testrunner, I get the following exception:

Microsoft.Moles.Framework.Moles.MoleInvalidOperationException: Microsoft.Moles.Framework.Moles.MoleInvalidOperationException: Moles requires tests to be IN an instrumented process.

In Visual Studio Unit Test, add the following attribute to your unit test method:

        [HostType("Moles")] // add this attribute
        public void Test()
        { ... }

Extensions are also available for most unit test frameworks. Please refer to the Moles manual.

Is there a way to make this work? If not, will it be supported in the next version of ReSharper?

I understand that Visual Studio 11 will have Microsoft.Moles integrated out of the box (it will be renamed to Microsoft Fakes though). It will aso have a new testrunner that is pluggable and hence will support NUnit, xUnit.NET etc. So ReSharper schould support it too.

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