Visual Studio crashes when opening solutions after installing resharper

My project files are on a network share, when I open the solution from the network share, VIsual Studio hangs with "Preparing solution" dialog.

This only happens after installing Resharper.

I had to create a new solution and create new projects and copy all the files from the old project. I have to create and new projects to the solution because if I try to add the existing projects to the new solution, VS hangs.

The new solution works fine until the computer goes to sleep (with VS open). When the computer starts back up, VS asks me if I want to reload the solution. Once I say yes, it hangs at preparing solution dialog.

Again, this ONLY happens after installing resharper.

Do you know what's causing this and any solution?

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     Could you please install the latest build of the upcoming ReSharper 6.1 from and check if this happens with that build as well? Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

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Sorry for the thread necromancy, but this almost exactly describes my problem.

I am using Windows 7, VS 2010 and R# 6.1. Whenever I install R# VS hangs on startup (whether opening a solution or just opening VS2010 itself)

Other developers in my office had a similar problem whilst they were using roaming profiles. I've removed my roaming profile, but my problem persists.

If I remove R# VS2010 has no problem starting.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, if there are any logs, dumps etc that could be of assistance please let me know.

Edit: Turns out this had something to do with previously having a roaming profile and various environment variables still pointing at network shares. I had to do some hacking around in the registry to fix it.


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