ASPX: Intellisense and coding problems

I'm new to R#, so this problems might be trivial to solve, but I spent quite a long time googling and tweaking settings with no results.
So, I'd be glad, if someone can help me with it:
1) ASPX Intellisense on element (+ subelement) names isn't working correctly: instead of giving only html elements and webcontrols, I got all classes in .NET: e.g. when I type "<asp:TextBox" I got TextBox (this is OK) and TextBoxMode (which is enum, and that's NOT OK). Another example: In Columns in asp:GridView it gives me lots of suggestions, standard VS2010 intellisense gives me only allowed elements like BoundField, TemplateField, ... How to persuade it to work properly?

2) Is there any way how to disable to auto-write 'runat="server"' after typing element name? I hate it, because it puts the attribute in the begging. Also, it puts it in useless places like <asp:BoundField

Can anyone help me please? I like R# and I want to use it, but those thing are driving me mad :-(

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Resharper 6.1, Win 7 64bit

Jakub Čermák

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