Inspection 'Redundant name qualifier' (C#) and StyleCop rule SA1126



Recently  the Stylecop project updated rule SA1126 to flag calls to static base  class methods which did not have the name of the base class before the  method call.

ie. StaticMethod() should be BaseClass.StaticMethod().

The  problem is that this is then flagged as a redundant name qualifier with  R#. Unfortunately, the scope of the 'Redundant name qualifier'  inspection in R# is such that if it is disabled, a whole host of actual  redunant name qualifiers will not be picked up.

Is  it possible to have this inspection extended, to ignore the class name  qualifier for static methods that are not in the current class?

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Hello Tim
     I've logged an issue in our tracker: and you're welcome to vote for it. Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

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