New colors and icons in R#7

As we now have options to select a color scheme and icons in Resharper, can we also add the old R#6 icons and colors. For those of us who have spent years using the product it is quite jarring to work with some of the new colors. I'm thinking in particular of the warnings in the right of the code pane window. In R#6 they where yellow but now they are a dark blue (at least I think it is) which makes it difficult to distinguish from other errors, suggestions etc.

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did you look at the R# colors in the VS Color options? I'm sure there is an option to set the warning colors. After i had adjusted R# colors to my preference i had exported my color scheme and now i can reimport it each time my colors are lost. For example the warnings are yellow in my installation. Maybe you should go into the Color Options screen. There is a problem that custom  R# colors are lost and replaced by the default when you install a new nightly build.


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The point behind the post is not that I can change the colors back (approximately but alas the same color is used in the code editor and the right hand code margin) to what R#6 had with a bit of work, but that R#7 could offer that as a choice in the color schemes./icons from within the options panel. This would make it easier for those moving from R#6 to R#7 to keep with the current look and feel. As a dev, I like new features, I don't like changes to what I already use unless there is a good reason. The problem as ever in software development is that just becuase you can change colors and icons, etc doesn't mean you should, it's usually to say, hey, look vew version. You have a core base of users who have 'trained' themselves on the product as is and any changes to those features that already exist mean a time of 'retraining', this is a minor pain and can become an issue when swapping back and forth between dev machines with different versions of R# (I have two, one on R#6 and one on R#7). Some of the changes in colors and icons in R#7, for me at least those in the right code pane margin, are not adding anything in the way of new features but are changes for the sake of changes. I am certainly thankful that at least we have a choice and ability to configure in R#7 as opposed to the mess that is MS Visual Studio 2012.




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