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The code inspection popup menu has been changed by moving the 'Suppress inspection, Find All.. Why is Resharper..' options as a submenu under the Inspection options for popup menu (in the code page
This has two issues, the first which is minor is that the menu item and top submennu item are the same which is strange to say the least. THe second issue which is the more important is that while it is, I feel, ok to move the other items under this sub menu as these lead to other dialogs, etc the 'Suppress inpection with' is a single action to wrap an item with a directive. So this has been changed from a single click on the code inspection icon and select the menu option, to now a click on the icon, select the menu, to show the submenu, now select suppress. This makes the process a lot more time consuming and as this is a action I use fairly often it just feels clunky and poorly though out.

So in the image, for R#6 it's a three step process, click the code inspection icon (1), move to suppress (2) and click the item (3) and for R#7 it's a 4/5 step process, click the code inspection icon (1),  move to inspection option (2) and click right arrow (3) (or wait) , then move to the supress option (4) and click.

Please move the suppress with comment menu otion back to the top level menu item
R#6R#6 CodeInpsection.png  

R#7R#7 CodeInpsection.png

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Hello Colin
     Thank you for feedback! While I understand your concern, moving those items back to the top level menu permanently would make it too big which may make it uncomfortable for other ReSharper users. Would it be enough for you if we would make this optional?

Andrey Serebryansky

Software Developer

JetBrains, Inc

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I was only asking for you to add back the 'Suppress inspection option with comment' menu item back to the top menu, not all of  sub menu item, as I'm actually fine with the other options being on a sub menu. But if it's made optional this would be fine also.



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I'd certainly prefer a single context menu with six items to one with two items and a four item sub-menu!


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