R#7 Grouping different items into one region

I'm having trouble with the reordering.

Basically, I want to group all things that have to do with Disposing into one region (and not just the one method that actually implements IDisposable).

So I have this template:

    <!--IDisposable and finalizer-->
      <Or Weight="100">
        <Kind Is="field"/>
        <Name Is="disposed"/>
        <Kind Is="method"/>
        <Name Is="Dispose"/>
       <Kind Is="destructor"/>
      <Name Region="IDisposable"/>

But this creates a region for every single item so it creates up to 3 regions with the same name, one for the boolean field called disposed, one for the Dispose and Dispose(bool disposing) method and one for the finalizer.
How do I get all of these together in the same region?

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