Resharper 7 showing errors for .dll's that are in the project

Here is how I have my solution set up. I have a dependencies folder on the root level of the solution. In this folder I have a couple .dll's that are from a shared project that I need in my current project. Most of my projects in my current solution need at least one dll from this dependencies folder, so I make the reference from the project to this folder and everything works fine.

The issue is every time I close the solution, normally at night, and reopen it in the morning, resharper says there are about 30+ files with errors. The errors all occur of the method calls that I am making to those dll's. The solution builds/runs fine, it is just very annoying and hard to see when I actually have errors. If I go to the other project that I created the dll's from, rebuild the dll's, and then place them in the dependencies folder again. The errors in the solution go away for the day, but the next morning they are back.

I assume this is a bug with resharper? If not, is there anything I can do to fix this?

Andrew Petersen

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What exact ReSharper version are you using?
Please let me know! Thanks!

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Could you please try to donwload and install fresh ReSharper 7.1 EAP build from here:
Please let me know if it helps.

Thank you in advance!

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It looks like it did fix the problem! Thank you!


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