SSR: Replace does nothing

Finding numerous items with Structural Search and Replace, I go to replace them with something new - nothing happens.

The first attachment is a screenshot of the found items. The second is the selected items in the file to replace. Again, when I click the "Replace" button, nothing happens.

Is this a known bug, or should I file it?

Search with Pattern_2011-07-26_12-47-13.png
Replace with Pattern_2011-07-26_12-47-40.png

Seems to be same as "Structural Search and Replace doesn't handle extension methods (should import namespaces)" ?


I think you meant this:

Regardless, yeah, it looks like its a known issue since 5.1. Upvote time! :)


I'm having a similar issue.
I try searching for this:

public const string $name$ = $value$ ;

and the replacement is something like this:

public static readonly Code $name$ = new Code($value$) ;

where $value$ is an expression and $name$  is an identifier


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