Visual Studio 2012 looses Resharper 7 keyboard shortcuts

I am facint

I am facing the issue that from time to time Visual Studio 2012 (RTM) loses all Resharper keyboard shortcuts. I do not exactly know when this happens but it may happen after the system was shot down unexpectedly.

I then have to reset the keyboard shortcuts using the Keyboard & Menu options (Apply Scheme). After that I again have to resolve the Resharper shortcut conflicts for those shortcuts that are used by Visual Studio.

Worse is though that my own keyboard shortcuts are removed when applying the Resharper Visual Studio keyboard scheme and I have to define them again.

Does anyone face this issue too? Any solutions?
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Off-topic, but do you have DragonSpeak 12 installed? Your post contains a strange "<object>" tag which, according to Google, is inserted by a browser plugin installed by DS12:

<object id="plugin0" type="application/x-dgnria" height="0" width="0">
<param name="tabId" value="ff-tab-35">
<param name="counter" value="46">
I am facint

In Firefox, it really messes up your post:

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@Richard: Indeed, I have. Did already wonder what strange tag that was that I saw in other forum threads of mine. Thanks :-)
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Keyboard shortcuts should be saved fine, if the VS session where the shortcuts were configured was ended normally after the configuration.

Also, you may Export/Import keyboard shortcuts in the "Tools | Options | Impoort and Export settings' dialog to easily backup and restore configuration if anything like this happens.



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