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This has been requested before.  I would like some way to allow installation for the current user as I sometimes share my workstation at work with other users.  It can make it difficult to abide the license agreement if access isn't restricted.  Another option at the very least is to allow enable/disable of loading resharper based on current user.  I realize there is a way to load visual studio with no addons/extensions loaded, but then that would disable all extensions.

If anyone knows a way to disable resharper for other windows users accounts that would be helpful.

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Hello Chris,

Here's the brief descriprion of this case:
1.  ReSharper installs 'per PC', not per user.
2. ReSharper License  state is saved 'per user' - so, if you entered your license key under your login, others will not be able to use Resharper with your key.
3. VS may be run with '/ReSharper.Suspend' command line key to force reSharper being suspended for VS instance. This may be used for other users in this case.

Since ReSharper integrates in VS natively (in the 'Extensions' folder of VS), there is no way to prevent it from loading for other Windows Users.



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