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I have an .aspx page living in ~/Views/SomeFolder/SomePage.aspx. In there, I have an image with the url "images/someImage.png".

Within the aspx source view, I get the Resharper suggestion to "Use file [webapproot]/images/someImage.png". When clicking so, it changes the uri to "../../images/someImage.png". This seems logical, as for Resharper, the aspx page seems to be served from two folders down in the hierarchy.

However, I request my pages using a jQuery $.get("Views/SomeFolder/SomePage.aspx", data, function) function. From there, I place the retrieved html sinppet into an element within the singlepage Main.aspx (living in the app root).

How to fix this error (such that resharper knows the reference is correct), or turn it off if it cannot be fixed?


Thanks in advance!

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Hello Ruud,

Currently, this cannot be changed. To avoid this, you may turn off the code inspection (set to 'Do Not Show') - "Wrong Path" in the "ReSHarper | Options | Code Inspection | Inspection Severity' dialog.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you.


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