Code Clean Up incorrectly sorts Using statements

There was an issue entered during the EAP which appears to not have been addressed.  Just wondering if no one else is experiencing this - are we doing something wrong.  The issue is :

For example:  If you have two namespaces:  Company.AbcModule  & Company.APIModule.  Performing a Resharper Code Clean up will arrange the APIModule above the AbcModule.  This will in turn cause style cop warnings to be issued due to the using statements not be listed alphabetically.  Pretty certain this did not occur in prior versions (even 7.0 worked I believe) and thinking this must surely be a simple fix I was surprised to see it never get addressed.

Again, since so few people voted the issue up and it appears to be unaddressed by JetBrains I am left wondering if the real issue is on our end.  Was it a StyleCop thing that helped it get properly reordered?  Might I have some odd-ball VS extension installed that prevents it from working.


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