Resharper Inspect warning about make accessor as private

Now, I using MVC with lastest Resharper version (7.1). In our solution we create model that have properties that will use in cshtml file for adding new customer, when saving MVC will automatically binding information and sending all information back to controller. Then I running inspector for this project and Resharper warning that you be able to make set property as private. Once we do as suggestion, that property always return 'null' or '0' depend on property type because set accessor has been set to private.

I am not sure it because MVC will binding on runtime then when running inspector Resharper it doesn't found any place in this solution using set then it warning to change it as private set.

Could you please suggest us how to fix this warning?


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I try to reset all setting and then import the setting back. After that private set is gone. Then I notice that the warning about private set is showing after I turn on 'Solution-wide analysis'. So, I turn 'Solution-wide analysis' to off no more warning about private set.



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