Javascript Unit Testing on non-standard project

Ok, so I know this is completely out of scope for most ReSharper users...

I'm developing a Google Chrome Extension which talks an ASP.NET MVC 4 website.

I've hacked a .csproj file to override the "Build" target so that it generates a crx file.

When I now try and use the ReSharper Jasmine or QUnit Test Runner, I get an alert saying "Cannot analyse project output. File is not found". I've enabled logging, and this is because there's no .exe/.dll for the project. (I've enabled logging and this is basically what it tells me)

So, it is possible to use the test running in this scenerio, or do I need to have 2 project/build files: 1 for VS/R#, and 1 for the build process?

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Hello David,

Thanks for the report.
This issue should be fixed in ReSharper 7.1.1 which should be released soon.


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