How to fix "The solution does not have a solution file" in 6.1


I am seeing the error "Could not build the projects.  Tests will not be run.  The solution does not have a solution file."
Which was reported in ticket

Unfortunately I cannot upgrade to 7.0 to get this bug fix.  Can anyone offer me a way to fix this is 6.1?  This only happens to this solution so I am assuming there is something unique about this one solution that I may be able to change in order to correct this.

Collin Sauve

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Hi Collin,

unfortunately, this fix is available in version 7.0. It's impossible to backport it to previous version due to complexity of changes made inbetween.
Please, try free 30 day trial of ReSharper 7 to make sure it works for you.

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Hi Victor,

What I meant was that I only see it in a single solution, and only on one computer.  I was wondering if you (or anyone) could provide insight as to the cause so that I can fix my solution file to not be affected by this bug, until such a time as I can upgrade to 7.0.

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I'm using ReSharper 7.1 and have exactly the same problem: "Could not build the projects. Tests will not be run." error message and ReSharper refusal to execute unit tests.
Should I upgrade to 8.1 now?


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