R# 7.1.1 and qunit: any way to make it run a single page?

Hello guys.

I'm using R# 7.1.1 and I've got a question about the way it's running my qunit tests.

Currently, I've got a single test project, which mixes C# and javascript tests (it's testing a web mvc project).  Most of the tests run without any problems, but there are a couple of js tests which are integration tests and that means they need to interact with an existing ashx endpoint which is located on a dumb web site. All JS scripts are loaded by a single html page and I was wondering if there's some way to make r# use that page instead of loading all js files like it does by default. if I could set it to use a single page, the ashx request would work without any problems.

Is this possible? If so, how?



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