ReSharper 7.1.1000.900 rename parameter fails

I'm having an issue with ReSharper 7.1.1000.900 in which I can press Ctrl+R,
Ctrl+R to rename a parameter to a method, enter the new name in the Rename
dialog, and then ReSharper renames the parameter but it does not rename any
of the uses of the parameter in the method. For a really simple method:

public static void Init(Config p_oConfig)
    config = poConfig;

If I rename p_oConfig in the method declaration to config, I get the
following result:

public static void Init(Config config)
    config = poConfig;

This is in Visual Studio 2012 with a website solution.

Is there something I can do here to track down the cause of the problem? I'm
fairly certain it must be something on my computer causing the problem since
I haven't seen others reporting this issue. I suspect it's probably a
conflict with another plugin.


Hello Greg,

Thanks for the report, however I wasn't been able to repro this issue on my PC - everything is renamed fine in my case.
Could you please create and send me a small sample, which will demonstrate this issue? Thank you in advance!


I finally found a way to reproduce this. I needed to debug a production issue and to do so we check out the production code to a separate folder from the current development code. We also have a separate web site in IIS named Production that points to the production code folder. After I fixed the issue in the production code, I closed the production solution, opened the development solution, and started seeing the issues with ReSharper failing to rename fields, properties, and parameters correctly.

To get ReSharper working correctly again, I had to close Visual Studio 2010, delete all the ReSharper files and folders in both solution folders, deleted all the ReSharper cache folders in %Temp%, and then reopen the development solution in Visual Studio.

I'm also seeing an unrelated issue in which right clicking the solution and clicking Get Latest causes ReSharper to suddenly highlight a bunch of *.aspx files saying that it can't resolve Session (e.g. <%=Session["ThemePath"]%> has Session in red). If I open each aspx file one at a time, insert and delete a space somehwere in the file to force ReSharper to rescan the file, ReSharper resolves Session again. I also tried clicking Rescan files with errors in the Errors in Solution window, but it doesn't resolve the isssue.


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