Search and Replace Pattern

Using structual search and replace I am trying to write a regex to substring an identifier but with no luck

my identifier regex is

$HANDLE$ = \b(_\w+|[\w-[0-9_]]\w*)

and what I am trying to perform with this is to isolate

OnOpenOpportunity from Me.OnOpenOpportunityEvent

using the pattern Me.$HANDLE$ matches the whole identifier as expected
using the pattern Me.$HANDLE$Event does not match anything

I've also modified the identifier regex to $HANDLE$ = \b(_\w+|[\w-[0-9_]]\w*)Event but that matches the whole identifier.

Any ideas?

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Hi Robert. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to achieve - could you expand on the scenario a little, please? Are you trying to replace Me.$HANDLE$ with Me.Foo$HANDLE$Bar? What is it that you're seeing that's wrong?


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