Problem with Purchasing Cart

I have been trying to purchase Resharper and DotCover while the current prices are in effect, and the purchase always fails with a page that produces this message:

4-19-2013 10-19-51 PM.png

This error shows after following these stes:

  1. Click a link to purchase the personal version of Resharper.
  2. Click a link to add personal version of DotCover to the cart.
  3. Click button to go to next page.
  4. Select option to indicate I am a new customer and submit.
  5. Enter personal data, name, address, "online" option for method of payment.
  6. Click continue button. The Order Summary page appears.
  7. Click Proceed to Payment option.

The next page displays the error.

I want to purchase in time to get the sale prices during the Earth Day sale, and the site says that this is for orders before April 22. That's Monday.

The email support says that they will respond within one business day, but that will be too late if the sale ends "before" Monday rather than its end.

I'll check to see if I don't add DotCover, if that will let the sale proceed, but it is frustrating when things like this happen.


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Hello Gil,

Thanks - I've passed this info to the corresponding developers.

Meanwhile, have you purchased our product succesfully via our Sales Team or somehow else? Please let me know.


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