Incorrect Ctrl-Delete behaviour when "Use CamelHumps" mode is enabled

I have the following problem: when using CamelHumps feature, Ctrl-Delete (incorrectly) deletes parentheses and braces .
Consider the following example, I'll use the pipe ( | ) to specify the cursor location:

Now, when I press Ctrl-Delete, I expect the following (as it works when CamelHumps mode is disabled):

Instead, this happens:

Hope this explains it.
I opened a bug ticket at


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This issue is back in ReSharper 7.1.2

On pressing CTRL+Delete at the end of a line instead of just deleting the newline it deletes whatever is at the start of the next line as well.

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I cannot reproduce this issue on my PC. Could you please record a video screencast, which can show us the issue and repro steps for it?

Thank you in advance!

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Where I work we have almost no Internet access at all and so most low friction screencast and file sharing tools are blocked. I have knocked up a quick video though and been able to host it on SkyDrive, here is the link. Sorry if this isn't a very good screencast, it's my first.!8251&authkey=!ADC5zQrvWrFYfLQ

In this video I'm pressing Enter to break the line "if (a && b)" and then positioning the cursor at the end of the first line and pressing CTRL+Delete to recombine the lines.

As you can see, with ReSharper enabled and Use CamelHumps enabled, it eats the first token from the second line, whereas the correct operation is to just delete the newline first.

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Thanks a lot for the screencast! I've reopened the original issue here:

Thanks for the report!


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