Slightly odd behaviour with the test runner with js tests


I have a C# solution with 5 projects (2 of which are test projects) - there are also js unit tests in one of the non-test projects.  Some of the js tests are in Jasmine, others are in QUnit - we're evaluting both libraries right now, hence there is some duplication.

After opening the solution in VS, and choosing 'Run All Tests from Solution' from the R# unit tests menu, in the unit tests sessions view I often see something similar to screenshot one.  Despite all of my js tests being within the same few files, I see a lot of individual js tests 'orphaned' from their file and listed individually.  If I then double-click one of the 'orphan' js tests then go back to look at the test sessions, they have changed (see screenshot two).

These 'orphan' tests don't seem to run, they always show up as inconclusive: test wasn't run.

This is intermittent (I have seen it load up properly at least once) and never the same each time when it does occur.

The only thing I could think of is that some of the QUnit tests have the same name as some of the Jasmine tests (because of transcoding from Jasmine to QUnit, as part of the evaluation we're doing).  Indeed, when you double-click through to one of inconclusive tests and rename it, then revisit the unit test session view, the tests appear to have been properly 'filed' under their test file names - but I have renamed only one, not all of the odd ones.

So, not a bug report per se, but something to watch out for.

(Note - I tweeted about this and Victor Kropp noticed and asked me to share some details, so, here you go Victor (thanks, danke and orchen spacebo) ;-)





VS2010 on a 32bit Win 7 box
R# 7.1.1 C# edition build 7.1.1000.900


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